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Basic knowledge of leather storage box processing and production

A storage box is important to be produced by the design and then handed over to the assembly line production workers. And whether the turner strictly follows the basic quality requirements of the process is very important to the quality of the handbag leather goods. So a turner should master the basic knowledge of leather storage box.


1. Turning label: The label is the door plate of the handbag and should not be sloppy.

2. Bone pulling: the paper mouth should be even, the corner position should not be wrinkled, the four corners are even, the bag bone material should be close to the bone heart, there should be no broken bone phenomenon.

3. Loading front bag: must cover the front width pinhole, in the circumference of the head or bottom center bit to start the needle, loaded out of the bag four corners to parallel, left and right symmetry.

4. Sewing zipper: the paper mouth needs to be uniform, even, pay special attention to the direction of the upper zipper. Sewn out of the chain paste to flatten, not wavy.

5. Barge round: barge round is the chain round, then round, bottom round and other links.

6. Sewing Mao art paste: car line unified towards the hook, hairline, parallel up and down, can not be skewed.

7. Wrap edge: wrap edge paper mouth can not have a large thin edge, folding, burst phenomenon, the corner to round and smooth.

8. Car loading cover head: the needle bit car, to balance, can not be skewed, the line should be straight, the paper mouth even.

9. Turning and sewing side pockets: pay attention to the direction of the slider, when pulling the buried zipper, the slider in the direction of the front width, loaded out of the bag to be square at all corners and parallel at the top and bottom.

10. Sewing back belt: pay special attention to the four-sided card and the center line, in general the length of the four-sided card is 1.5 inches, divided into the center line to go through the intersection, can not be bent, four-sided card on both sides of the folded edge of the sub-mouth to be evenly uniform, Z after closing the needle line to overlap.

11. Buried bag: buried bag is the back, around, the face of the overall sewing, composed of finished products.


Post time: Jan-12-2022