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Jewelry box mold how to do? How to prevent mold in jewelry boxes?

Jewelry boxes are thicker than the general box, and the effect of anti-drop, can effectively protect your precious jewelry, but in life we can easily find that jewelry boxes in long-term storage or use prone to mold, so what causes mold jewelry boxes? How to prevent mold jewelry box mold?

The main reason for moldy jewelry boxes?

Jewelry boxes are generally made of wood, leather, flocking, fabric, paper and several other materials and water-based glue combination, and these materials may contain fibers, grease and other nutrient sources that can be provided to mold growth and reproduction; secondly, in the more humid or material is easy to absorb water and dust, jewelry boxes are prone to mold spores, which can provide suitable growth conditions for mold to help mold growth and reproduction. Jewelry boxes on the main mold Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus miscellaneous can grow.

Once the jewelry box mold, easy to contaminate the product, seriously affect the appearance, endanger human health (toxins), and mold has a rapid spread, reproduction characteristics, easy to lead to other materials of the product long mold, expanding losses caused by claims.

Jewelry box moldy mold removal and anti-mold measures

(1) in addition to mold - clean jewelry box mold.
First of all, use a brush or clean rags to eradicate the mold on the jewelry box clean, on the stubborn mold can be used to remove the mold agent treatment, method: spray the moldy parts of the mold remover until the mold disappears, and then dry naturally or over the oven drying.

(2) Anti-mold

1, to prevent the jewelry box mold again: taking into account the characteristics of mold reproduction fast and easy to grow, clean jewelry box needs to spray anti-mold antibacterial agent, the use of manual spray cans or spray guns, the spray appliance to atomization, and then spray a layer on the entire surface of the jewelry box, the natural environment to dry or over the oven drying.


2, packaging control: in the jewelry box used in the water-based glue to add Topwan anti-mildew agent, add the proportion of about three thousandths, effectively inhibit the growth of mold.

3, packaging, check whether the packaging material has been infected with mold, if the mold has been infected with the need to eradicate and spray anti-mold antibacterial agent, if necessary, you can add a suitable moisture-proof liner. Seal the package with waterproof material.

4, add the use of anti-mold desiccant: inside the closed packaging into the CASANO nano desiccant / antibacterial biological phthalide used to absorb the moisture inside the watch box, so that the water content of the goods in the jewelry box is greatly reduced to its allowable water content below, so you can achieve a good anti-mold effect.

Post time: Jan-07-2023