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Longines leather goods tell you the history of the development of packaging boxes. Today, in the modern sense of packaging design and the sense of the times, is also very prominent issue. Relatively, the packaging of goods is the first direct expression of the consumer characteristics, the packaging must represent their time.

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For example, today we still see that the main commodity packaging of the Chinese cultural revolution should be packaged in sturdy red color. This is a reflection of the era of the packaging of the goods and the characteristics of the time of the goods. But the meaning of modern packaging is mentioned and discussed in a broad sense. The modern sense is determined by the people's living standards and aesthetic concepts. I think modern; is beyond our aesthetic level, and people who are not willing to accept new things, modern sense is not welcome.

But, fortunately, there is now a sense of innovation that has always been deeply rooted in America. There is nothing to develop people who are already aware of innovation. So we have to be open to new things and new ideas. So, now some very advanced designs have gradually been accepted. However, we can't accept new things at the same time and forget about the traditional elements.

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The history of packaging boxes, packaging boxes are the general term for the process of transportation, storage and sales, that is, the protection of goods and identification, easier to use when selling, that is, the container of specific loaded goods, materials and aids, etc. are designed so as not to damage the internal goods. As early as the middle of the 18th century, the packaging box for medium and high-grade objects, has also been formed. It was then that the purpose of the box was the most primitive use, to protect the object in transit.

So, the earliest packaging boxes for goods were simply boxes for the safety of objects only. In the early nineteenth century, commodities entered the unprecedented prosperity of the market wholesale and retail methods of goods. That's when some of the low-cost retailers began to adulterate the goods without packaging! The behavior of traders resulted in the producers quickly losing market share. As a result, producers realized that cheap goods, too, needed packaging to ensure product quality. At that time there was a certain understanding of packaging boxes. However, the purpose of the box was to protect the goods, which was the first function of the packaging. The exterior packaging was single and followed the same pattern.

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After confirming the samples, we are ready for mass production. All raw materials are purchased with cash, so we welcome T/T or L/C payment methods.

Pre-sale service: We will provide strict proofing service before placing the order and make samples that meet the requirements.

After-sales service: After placing the order, we will help arrange a logistics company (except for the logistics company designated by the customer), inquire about the tracking of goods and provide services.

Quality Guarantee: Before production, during the production process, and before the production and packaging, it will go through strict and professional quality inspections.If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales team.

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Due to our strict control of product quality and honest and pragmatic quality, we have gained a lot of cooperation from domestic and international high-end brands in these years, which has brought our technology to the next level.

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