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Leather material process inventory

In daily life, the use of leather goods is very common, such as leather wallets, backpacks, satchels and other storage leather, in addition to leather sofas, leather shoes, leather clothes, etc.. In fact, leather leather goods popular not overnight, from hundreds of years ago, people have begun to use animal fur to keep warm, or leather made into storage props. Development to date, leather goods production or leather is becoming more and more abundant.

For the definition of leather, there are two levels. The first level is "skin", simply understand is not after aging and prevent leather decay treatment, from the animal body to obtain the original skin, which can not be directly used to make leather products.

Pork skin may be many people are eating more and using less. Its surface is rough, three pores form a set of triangular pattern, lighter quality, although the pores are coarse, but the breathability is poor.

Cowhide can be said to be in the production of leather products, the use of the most and wide, has become a representative leather within the leather goods industry. And according to the age and gender of the cow, cowhide also formed its own set of detailed classification.

According to the type of sheepskin, there are goatskin, lambskin and sheepskin, the general characteristics of which are delicate and soft to the touch, and the pores are small in the leather category. At the same time, according to the use of different groups of people, will correspond to the choice of different ages of sheepskin, for example, to make clothes for children to use small goat skin, and to make clothes for adults to use is the goat skin.

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The second level is the leather, which is simply the original leather, after the process of "tanning", so that the original leather can reach the state of making leather goods. And this "tanning" common are vegetable tanning method, chrome tanning method, oil tanning method, mixed tanning method these four kinds. The following is an introduction to "tanning" through several common types of leather.

Modern leather tanned with a tannic acid extracted from plants is called "leather". This type of leather is not sprayed or dyed and has a very good texture. However, it is highly absorbent and becomes soft when it absorbs water, and hardens when it dries. But after drying, the glossy leather will not regain its original appearance.

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If vegetable tanning is a method of making leather using natural ingredients, chrome tanning is a method of making leather from raw hides using chemical synthetics. The leather made by this "tanning" method is not only soft, flexible and stretchable, but also suitable for all kinds of leather goods, so it is highly used in the industry.

In addition, the advantages of vegetable tanning method and chrome tanning method, and the emergence of mixed tanning method. The oil tanning method is different from the three previously mentioned, using animal oil for tanning (generally using fish oil), the oil tanning method of leather waterproof, but also very soft.

And in the production of leather goods or bags, it will also be named according to the surface of the leather. For example, the silver side, even the side with pores is smoother. The back side will be carried out, dyeing, molding and other processing treatment, belong to the processed leather surface.

And the silver surface and then according to the part or treatment can be classified, for example, the bed surface refers to the inner side of the silver surface, the bed leather is filtered silver surface off the leather, which is often referred to as the second layer of leather. If the silver surface for rough hair treatment is suede, generally common use is calfskin, goatskin or calfskin.

Post time: Oct-20-2022