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Leather storage box oem processing handbag washing and maintenance

When there are ballpoint pen marks scratched on it.

1. Remove with leather conditioner.
2. Use milk for cleaning.
3. Use a soft flannel cloth dipped in a little oil cream to wipe, the leather will become soft, ballpoint pen scratches will be removed.
4. Use a clean flannel cloth dipped in some egg white to wipe, both to remove the stain, but also to make the leather surface shiny as before. The previous year's bag, this year out, the top may have mold or something dirty, you can use a flannel cloth dipped in some egg white to wipe, the leather storage box can be restored to a new!


A. Keep dry, stored in a cool, ventilated place.

B.  Do not expose to sun, fire, water, sharp objects and chemical solvents.

C.  If you get your leather organizer oem bag wet, please dry it immediately with a soft cloth to prevent stains or watermarks from creasing the surface.

D. Sing the use of shoe polish is not recommended.
Be careful not to use wet water on sanded leather, and use raw rubber wipes and special products to clean and care for it.
Choose a leather organizer oem handbag and protect all metal parts carefully, as humidity and high salt content can cause oxidation.
Borrow leather storage box oem processing when not in use, it is best to keep in a cotton bag, the bag stuffed with some soft toilet paper to maintain the shape of the handbag oem processing.

E. Inspection. Observe the cross-section, genuine leather cross-section is irregular fiber composition, after scraping down the broken leather fiber with finger nails, the cross-section has no obvious changes, for genuine leather, different parts of the texture irregular, nose sniffing fishy smell, and artificial leather smell plastic or rubber smell, the texture rules of each part consistent. Film leather is in the natural leather under the loose surface fiber layer on the artificial surface layer, can not be called "genuine leather", but with natural leather lining for the base of synthetic leather.

F. Water. Place small droplets of water on the surface of its leather, a few minutes after the water droplets through the pores spread, can see obvious wet spot, absorb water.

G. Burning. Burning the corners of the leather with fire has hair scorching smell, and the imitation leather is plastic smell.

H. Color. Real leather color is dark and soft, imitation leather is bright.


Post time: Jan-12-2022