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Top 4 Jewelry Storage Taboos, Check Out This Guide

Fashionable and sophisticated girl, any time she wears out jewelry makes people shine. The main reason is that she must be very professional in storing jewelry, so the jewelry is well kept and always like new. Specifically, there are these 4 notes.

First, must be stored in jewelry boxes, and separate small compartments to place.
Many girls like jewelry but do not understand storage, will put all her jewelry all together, like a treasure chest. This is a big no-no. Because, you may think that jewelry are all the same, but in fact they are different, especially in hardness! If you put them together, they will bump and rub against each other, and the baby with low hardness will suffer, causing scratches or other damage.

So be sure to buy a jewelry storage  box specifically for storage, and is the kind of jewelry storage  box also has many small compartments, or divided into many layers, so you can separate the different hardness of the babies. Both can collect the babies together, will not miss, but also easy to access. Cracking and even shattering will not happen.


Second, must be divided into "wet and dry" jewelry, separate storage.
In addition, you may not know that jewelry is divided into two kinds of water, water avoidance. If the same treatment, or the opposite, the jewelry can not touch the water into a humid environment; or to replenish the water to raise the jewelry every day air dry burst sun, then your jewelry will not take long, all will be ruined!

Third, special attention, these types of soft / brittle / expensive precious stones
For this type of jewelry, in addition to the above two points to store, but also to do an additional process, is to stick to the jewelry body wrapped in velvet. Because some gems are very delicate, in case of extrusion to the deformation, touching the high temperature will melt, scratching will damage, so to special package or separate storage.

Post time: Oct-28-2022