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In the structure, the inner liner to solid wood, MDF board or are plastic as a keel bracket, to support and protect the role of packaging structure. If there is no support, even with leather to do, even as packaging to use, it is only the tote bag as packaging only, not the real leather packaging.

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What are the basic elements of leather box packaging?
Longines reveals them for you. Leather box packaging has a more obvious difference. In terms of material, PU material with genuine leather or simulated leather texture is the main material, and fabric and leather-filled paper material are supplementary in order to be called leather packaging. If the main material and auxiliary materials are reversed, it is not leather packaging, but ordinary leather boxes or paper packaging.

In terms of social responsibility objectives, the starting point of ordinary leather boxes is to protect the product in storage and transit from damage as the main purpose, taking into account the responsibility to expand the market, and even for the development of the market and excessive packaging is introduced in the definition of excessive packaging and differentiation criteria, there is no concept of environmental protection.

The use of leather box packaging is not only limited to packaging, Longines tells you can also be this way. In the leather watch storage box, high-grade leather box production process is refined and rigorous, and the more high-grade leather packaging box into the labor costs are even higher, most processes are completed purely by hand, although a high-grade leather box cost more, but a good leather box packaging to the market is to bring a new display and also for product repositioning.

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After confirming the samples, we are ready for mass production. All raw materials are purchased with cash, so we welcome T/T or L/C payment methods.

Pre-sale service: We will provide strict proofing service before placing the order and make samples that meet the requirements.

After-sales service: After placing the order, we will help arrange a logistics company (except for the logistics company designated by the customer), inquire about the tracking of goods and provide services.

Quality Guarantee: Before production, during the production process, and before the production and packaging, it will go through strict and professional quality inspections.If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales team.

Who we are working with?

Due to our strict control of product quality and honest and pragmatic quality, we have gained a lot of cooperation from domestic and international high-end brands in these years, which has brought our technology to the next level.

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Leather watch organizer watch box watch jewelry box bracelet watch box (1)


Q1: The minimum order quantity of leather jewelry box is 3000 pieces, the larger the order quantity, the more favorable the unit price of the product will be.

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