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Professional portable makeup bag female ins style leather storage bag

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The Longines Leather Cosmetic Organizer, with its new display, takes advantage of the easy-to-use nature of leather to showcase the “beauty” of the products inside. The unique design distinguishes the traditional medium distance from the box. Such a set of high value packaging, for your products more “icing on the cake”, Longines leather packaging, help brand high value.

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Packaging box material, now also very rich, paper, leather, plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, wild rattan, natural fibers, composite materials and other packaging materials, combined with adhesives, coatings, printing materials and other auxiliary materials.

Wooden packaging - characterized by natural materials, with a little treatment can be used. Usually divided into two kinds of softwood and hardwood, just like paper from the perspective of environmental protection, analysis of the material wood packaging is not suitable for mass production.

Metal materials - originated 100 years ago, 1809 the French invented canned food, 1841, the British invented the tin can. This created the modern history of metal packaging. Metal packaging due to the complex processing, so that the cost is relatively high. The use rate is not very high.

Paper packaging - is very common in our life because it is easy to deform, light weight and strong expansion. Therefore, it is widely used. However, in the promotion of environmental protection today paper packaging is obviously not being promoted!

Glass materials - glass texture is characterized by hard and brittle, transparent and easy to process! However, the application of damage is not very easy!


Plastic packaging - with resin as the main component, set by high temperature. Although it is a new modern packaging material. However, the utilization rate of packaging materials is also increasing year by year, and has slowly replaced paper packaging boxes in some developed countries.

Professional portable makeup b2

Leather box packaging

The use is not just for product packaging, in fact, there is a large part of the population, will be designed to leather box packaging as a gift, a practical and imaginative gift. That said, a gift, as the name implies, is something given to each other by friends, collaborators, or loved ones on a meaningful day. It is not only an expression of the warmest and most beautiful feelings between people, but also a bond of interpersonal relationships. The best gift is not necessarily the most expensive, but it is the thing that others want most or love the most, and it becomes a profound study.

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