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How to store and care for jewelry?

Both gold and gemstone jewelry must be carefully cared for and cleaned regularly to preserve its luster and integrity.

How to take care of storage

1、Don't wear jewelry when you are exercising or doing heavy work to avoid bumping and wear.
2、Don't put all kinds of jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box, because the hardness of various stones and metals are different, which will lead to loss due to mutual friction.
3. Check your jewelry once a month for wear and tear or loose settings, and then repair them.
4. Fragile stones such as emeralds are prone to breakage and should be worn with special care.
5. Do not wear gemstones with air holes in the kitchen or in steamy places, as they may change color when they absorb steam and sweat. Gold and silver jewelry, like other jewelry, will lose their brilliance if they are stained with oil and sweat acids secreted by the human body, so it is advisable to clean your jewelry once a week.

Cleaning solutions for jewelry: Most jewelry cleaners contain ammonia, which not only cleans the stones, but also makes the metal brighter. Ammonia is safe for most stones, with the exception of jewels and stones with air pores (such as turquoise).


Cleaning method

Clean water: mild soapy water and a soft brush are the easiest and most convenient way to clean your jewelry. Alternatively, you can rinse your jewelry with water. After cleaning, the jewelry can be air-dried on a lint-free towel. Wax-free dental floss or toothpicks can be used to remove dirt from the stone and between the grips.

1. Do not use bleach. The chlorine in bleach water can pit the alloy, break it down, and even eat away at the welds. Due to the chlorine in the pool water, it is not advisable to wear jewelry while swimming in the pool.
2、Do not use washing powder, detergent and toothpaste containing abrasive materials.
3、Do not boil in detergent or sulfuric acid.
4、Ultrasonic cleaner can eliminate the risk of jewelry being washed away by water, and can be used for diamond jewelry, but not for some colored stones.
5、Do not use boiling water to clean. The physical properties of diamonds are more stable and can be cleaned with boiling water, but some stones (such as emeralds and amethysts) are very fragile and susceptible to drastic temperature changes, so avoid using boiling water as much as possible.

Post time: Nov-02-2022