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High-end leather makeup bag female portable large capacity

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The purpose of the leather makeup bag is to make up for the convenience of going out, I think put lip gloss, powder and hydration spray on OK, as for eye shadow brushes and so on should be placed in the residence it, so that the bag is not too heavy, and also enough needed.

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Cosmetic bag, is used to contain cosmetics of various bags. It is generally used to contain cosmetic bags.

In more detail, it is divided into multifunctional professional cosmetic bags, simple cosmetic bags for travel and small cosmetic bags for home use.
Professional makeup bag, multi-functional, multiple layers and storage pockets. It is mainly used by professional makeup artists.

Cosmetic bags can be divided by material: nylon bags, cotton bags, pvc bags, pu bags, etc.
Cosmetic bag, is a bag used to make up to beautify themselves.

Travel makeup bags are usually easy to carry. Few compartments, but fully functional. Can be used for common cosmetics and grooming supplies.
Small cosmetic bags for home use, with a wide range of styles and types. They vary in color and quality, and are more often used as promotional items by cosmetic companies. They are a complimentary item when purchasing cosmetics.

High-end leather makeup bag female portable large capacity4

Fashion print makeup bag, nylon foam material waterproof and wear-resistant, strong bearing, double pull head fully open type design makes it more convenient to take things quickly. And the interior is divided into two main layers, the front width layer main storage makeup powder box, makeup brushes, etc., while the main layer stores cosmetics, makeup bags and other large items, and PVC as the outer package care, to ensure that the activities of the items are not shaken, damage and other phenomena. This student makeup bag is the famous beauty design school specially for school students to build, can do film and television, studio location for follow makeup use.

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After confirming the samples, we are ready for mass production. All raw materials are purchased with cash, so we welcome T/T or L/C payment methods.

Pre-sale service: We will provide strict proofing service before placing the order and make samples that meet the requirements.

After-sales service: After placing the order, we will help arrange a logistics company (except for the logistics company designated by the customer), inquire about the tracking of goods and provide services.

Quality Guarantee: Before production, during the production process, and before the production and packaging, it will go through strict and professional quality inspections.If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales team.

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Due to our strict control of product quality and honest and pragmatic quality, we have gained a lot of cooperation from domestic and international high-end brands in these years, which has brought our technology to the next level.

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