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European style simple jewelry box jewelry jewelry cosmetics leather storage box

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Leather watch box, new PP material + drawer design + handheld design, waterproof and dustproof, capacity knocking large, and then more watches can be put under, morning no longer everywhere to turn the watch, at a glance, can save a lot of time!

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With the development of modern science and technology, more and more similar products appear, which makes the design of commodity packaging box become an important factor to win customers and market. Commodity packaging design includes two important parts: packaging structure design and decoration design. A good product leather box design is a perfect combination of structural and decorative design, while the final realization of packaging decoration still depends on advanced leather printing technology.

Today's rapid development of the leather jewelry box industry, leather box of the various technical aspects of many new technology printing accessories, greatly promoting the technical progress of the entire packaging industry. Such as computer-aided links to the pre-press packaging design, commodity bar codes, no soft piece carving system; flexo printing in the printing; after the printing of laser die-cutting technology and the emergence of efficient multi-functional automatic gluing machine. And in this many new technologies, the application of computers, for the packaging and printing industry has brought far-reaching changes.

The development and application of computer technology in the packaging industry in China started late and is very different from that of developed countries, but it is also moving forward and has achieved some encouraging results. The rapid development of the socialist commodity economy, the economic efficiency of packaging enterprises put forward a full range of challenges, the application of computer technology in the packaging industry has become an important measure of sustainable development of the relevant industries oak.

European style simple jewelry box jewelry jewelry cosmetics leather storage box1

Our Services

After confirming the samples, we are ready for mass production. All raw materials are purchased with cash, so we welcome T/T or L/C payment methods.

Pre-sale service: We will provide strict proofing service before placing the order and make samples that meet the requirements.

After-sales service: After placing the order, we will help arrange a logistics company (except for the logistics company designated by the customer), inquire about the tracking of goods and provide services.

Quality Guarantee: Before production, during the production process, and before the production and packaging, it will go through strict and professional quality inspections.If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales team.

Who we are working with?

Due to our strict control of product quality and honest and pragmatic quality, we have gained a lot of cooperation from domestic and international high-end brands in these years, which has brought our technology to the next level.

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European style simple jewelry box jewelry jewelry cosmetics leather storage box2
European style simple jewelry box jewelry jewelry cosmetics leather storage box1


Q1. About MOQ
MOQ depends on material and design. Please consult our stuffs for details.

Q1. How do you guarantee the product’s quality?
Before production, the pre-production samples will be made for checking details with customers. During the production and packing, there will be professional QC to inspect the products to ensure the products in good quality and correct details.

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