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Textured superb leather Square multifunctional earrings necklace jewelry leather storage box

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Leather boxes and decoration criteria can be divided into quality, sales and culture.

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The leather watch box is largely handmade with PU leather plus car lines, its exquisite shape and decoration to promote the beautification of goods and improve the competitiveness of goods. As the shape and structure design of leather is often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many styles and types, including rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped leather boxes, cylindrical, etc.

Mass - goods should have their own customers and try to expand the consumer base to make the product more adaptable to the sales. Leather box designers work with the masses to make their work, and they should seriously think about the consumers, so that they can use the goods packaging better and serve them better. It is very important to be able to find ways to attract the consumer base. Expanding the consumer base can only lead to better market efficiency.

Sales - a consumer does not want to use the value of goods is not the market and consumer recognition. Only products that consumers want enter the market, so to speak, the market competition. This is the consumer. However, the manufacturer's goods are not necessarily consumer awareness and understanding. That means we have to advertise and promote. Therefore, the packaging of goods must show sales, the performance and characteristics of goods to promote the interest of consumers. Let the consumer in the goods interested, attract the attention of consumers, so that the desire to buy goods, increase.


Culture - packaging now not only to consider the material needs of consumers, but also to consider the psychology of consumer demand. In the packaging design should reflect the culture, so that the packaging exudes a certain cultural atmosphere, with a certain social impact.

Our Services

After confirming the samples, we are ready for mass production. All raw materials are purchased with cash, so we welcome T/T or L/C payment methods.

Pre-sale service: We will provide strict proofing service before placing the order and make samples that meet the requirements.

After-sales service: After placing the order, we will help arrange a logistics company (except for the logistics company designated by the customer), inquire about the tracking of goods and provide services.

Quality Guarantee: Before production, during the production process, and before the production and packaging, it will go through strict and professional quality inspections.If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales team.

Who we are working with?

Due to our strict control of product quality and honest and pragmatic quality, we have gained a lot of cooperation from domestic and international high-end brands in these years, which has brought our technology to the next level.

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Textured superb leather Square multifunctional earrings necklace jewelry leather storage box3
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Q1. About Sample
If stocked items, samples can be shipped out in priority. If out of stock, the sample will be produced according to customers’ design and requirements. Sample charge will be refunded if the mass order order reaches our MOQ.

Q2. About shipping
by sea, by air, by express(DHL, FedEx IE, UPS Expedited, EMS, TNT etc.).
Transportation port: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong.

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